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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Godaddy Domain PR Tool has literally 1000's of domains up for grabs every day. Auctions, Expiring, and Expired domains are available.

Separating the gems from the garbage is what's time-consuming, but there is a neat little tool out now that makes the process easier.

The Godaddy Auction PR Finder Plugin makes finding domains with pagerank a snap, and it's less than $20. The only requirement is that you have the firefox browser (free) installed. Check it out.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Getting Starting With EPN - (How to get approved)

Becoming an eBay affiliate, (joining the EPN network) is one of the more attractive options for many online marketers. This is in great part due to the huge range of products you can promote, the availability of software tools to use, and other reasons.

However due to the proliferation of scammers, cookie stuffers, and other 'black hat' types, getting approved has become more difficult in recent years.

Here are some tips to take note of when applying for EPN:

1) You don't need to have one of the most popular websites on the net to be accepted. However, EPN wants to see a site that is at least somewhat established, and doesn't appear to be made just for the reason of showing ebay ads.

Tip: Don't submit a brand new site, or a site that is not yet indexed by search engines.

2) Your site should have content which will attract visitors who want to buy items at ebay. There are some great software programs like phpbay and BANS (Build a Niche Store) you can use to show ebay auctions on your site. However, your site should be able to stand on its own with content ... and without ads.

Tip: Add unique content. Keep ads off the homepage, before and after getting accepted by EPN.

3) Have credible information and contact pages on your website. EPN likes to know exactly who is responsible for your site/s.

Tip: Your site should have an "About Us/Contact" page, a "Privacy" page, and the all the domain whois contact info should be consistant and accurate. If you use 'Domains By Proxy', it might be a good idea to turn it off for a while after subitting to EPN.

>>>Trouble Setting Up Your EBAY Site?<<<
>>>Trouble Getting Approved By EPN?<<<

It's not that uncommon to be rejected by eBay Network or have problems setting up. There has been some good feedback on a service offered at Syndram Designs which includes setting up a website for you which will get you into the EPN affiliate program. Rich claims to have a 98% success rate getting you set up.

The service includes:

*Domain research
*Niche research
*Add Contact and Privacy policies required by EPN *WP plugins to help your site grow and succeed.
*Seach Engine Optimization
*Customized design, including a custom logo/header.
*15 to 20 pgs. of unique content.

You can find out more about this service at

A WP Plugin to Boost Rankings?

How to Increase Profits by Selecting the Best Ad Campaign

An average of 20 percent of a businesses’ yearly revenue goes toward sales and marketing efforts. In tough economic times, it is particularly important for businesses to select an advertising campaign which targets the right customers and provides the most value for the price.

Research the competition. Find out which companies are doing well in sales and reputation, and study their online presence. Study how other leading companies utilize social media, ezine articles and other online content to promote products and services. Free software is available to perform search engine analysis to determine where various companies rank on major search engines.

Don’t waste precious dollars on advertising to the wrong groups. Conduct simple surveys to determine customer demographics. Then make sure your message gets out to the right potential customers. Facebook and Twitter advertisements may be more appropriate than newspaper and other print ads. Certain businesses benefit from concentrated local advertising in a small geographic area.

You can design an advertisement campaign without breaking the bank. Many opportunities exist online for free advertising, including free classified advertising, ezine articles and social media postings. Free classified advertising and content development for posting articles and social media messages takes time.
If your business has an advertising budget, place pay-per click ads, or hire a company to handle the advertising campaign.

Split-testing is a commonly used technique to determine which ads are most effective. Run several ads concurrently in the same media outlets for the same duration of time and compare click-through rates and sales conversions. Constantly assess which advertisements are producing results, and discontinue poorly performing campaigns.

Set up an email autoresponder for business communication. A company website or a simple capture page is enough to start building an email list of potential customers. Automated systems allow companies to regularly broadcast messages to a large number of people to announce new products, offer discounts, and survey customers. Automation is not just for large companies. Many smaller businesses will benefit from autoresponder to help implement the selected ad campaign.
Study the competition, target advertising to the right groups and run concurrent ad campaigns with an email autoresponder.

Whether your business has an advertising department or chooses to outsource, advertisement is a critical element of retaining customers, improving reputation, and increasing sales.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Save Yourself Some Grief, when Applying to Affiliate Programs

Lets face it, there are thousands of affiliate programs out there, and despite your freakish skills as an affiliate marketer, quite a few of them will be non-performing duds.
Either you aren't going to make a penny off them, or the time and money invested will only return a pittance, not worth the trouble.

Time to do a few pre-signup checks.

*Look around for negative customer input on the web.
Check epinions and other similar sites. A merchant who rips off their customers won't treat you much better. Plus they may be on the way down, headed towards bankruptcy, etc.

*Are their commissions too good to be true? Recently I came across a gaming merchant offering $100 payouts on a $25 signup? Not surprisingly , there are affiliate complaints about the merchant. (even the old poker sites I affiliated with didn't offer terms like that.)

*What do other affiliates say about the merchant? Check the popular affiliate forums (like to get a feel for the program. What are their complaints? Do the programs keep changing networks like a butterfly flitting from flower to flower? Probably not a good sign.

* Finally, scope out possible merchant problems using google-trends. This can give you a quick overview on possible problems with a merchant, or at least their website.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

NY Affiliates getting the boot.

NY residents who are promoting merchants as affiliates have been getting termination notices over the past week. This is based on a recent NY interpretation of a 1992 supreme court decision which held that a retailer must have a "physical presence" within the state in order to be responsible for collecting sales taxes.

Under the new regulations, if a retailer brings in at least $10,000 of annual revenue from New York based affiliates, it is determined to have a 'nexus' in NY & is responsible for collecting the sales taxes.

Despite a suit by challenging the decision,this has led to a number of well-known affiliate programs dumping affiliates such as Overstock, Ritz Interactive, REI, and almost 2 dozen other merchants.

Read More:

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ebay Affiliate Program leaving CJ.

Noticed today that the eBay affiliate program will be leaving commission junction starting April 1 and going in-house.

Not a big suprise, considering eBay already uses a lot of their own technology in their affiliate marketing efforts/ and the eBay name is also a household name, (not needing the army of CJ affiliates to spread the word..)

EBay is offering an additional 5% bonus for all traffic tracked through eBay Partner Network in April 2008 for certain countries.

Would have been nice to have a little more notice though...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Making a Quality 'About Us' Page

Providing Details in the “About Us” Section of a Web Site
By Angela Baca

The “About Us” section of your web site says something important about your company as portrayed by your digital presence. Depending on the perspective of the site visitor, this information should be mildly helpful, extremely informative, or somewhere in between. This tutorial explores why you should put careful thought into the details of the “About Us” page on your site.

When some people click on the “About Us” section of a site, they are deciding if they want to purchase from that company. These people benefit from details about the person or organization that operates the web site. Details might include: company location, business philosophy, years of experience, other qualifications, and why a person should buy from that site.

The company location usually rests in the “Contact Us” section of the web site. However, in “About Us,” you can give a location like “Dallas, Texas” as a simple point of reference. The business philosophy helps the user to understand how the owner or company perceives the business and the clientele. If the philosophy is agreeable, it can be a major selling point. If the philosophy is disagreeable, it can hurt the customer’s perception of the business.

Years of experience and other qualifications can also be helpful for visitors seeking a service that requires certain skills. Some viewers also know that qualifications can be exaggerated or completely fabricated. Some businesses use customer testimonials instead of qualifications.

Why a person should buy from your site may be viewed as a business philosophy or a set of qualifications. There are many possible combinations of company details. In other instances, providing this detail is your opportunity to describe exactly and concisely why your business offers a better product or service than competitors. You are making a case for why customers should choose you. Your business plan may be helpful in constructing this blurb.

If the rest of the site is expertly designed, be sure to pay attention to the details and style of the “About Us” section. Otherwise, a haphazard blurb could reflect the wrong image of the company.

Here is an example of a helpful blurb:

“Cinnamon Electronics is a Virginia-based company that specializes in quality appliances for your business. We offer personalized service and strong warranties to back our products.”

Here is an example of a weaker blurb:

“Discover Cinnamon Electronics. Check out our cheap prices.”

Whether you are operating a casual web site that does not get too bogged down in details or a major site with serious ambitions, every site owner needs to think about what they put out there in the virtual realm. The “About Us” section will show up in Internet searches of the company name. Don’t put anything in this section or anywhere else on your site that you don’t want the public to know.

Depending on the goals for a site, the “About Us” section can be an important way to communicate information about a company with an Internet presence.

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